Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kian turns 1!

Kian came in for his first studio session-with curly hair, and big wide eyes. He's absolutly adorable!

Lucas turns 1!

Our chubby little "Wooky" is turning one! It seems like only yesterday we were visiting him at the hospital when he was born. Time flies even faster when they're not your own children!
We enjoyed a nice sunny summery afternoon in their yard, playing under a tree, with some beach balls, and finishing it all off with a cake smashing event!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

And they didn't die...

Mark and Jess participated in their first triathalon today. It was hot, muggy, and the lake was choppy-what more could you ask for?

Don't they look so happy, and energized at 6:30 a.m?
Mark in the mass of mens 39 and under.
Jess getting ready to go.
This was 3 miles up hill! He looks happy?!?!
Go Jess, go! Almost done Mark!

Yeah Jess! Great job!

Mark finished 180th, in 2:00.45, and Jess was 203nd in 2:09.09 out of 600.
Great job! I'm so happy I was there to watch.


Marks little sister Jess is getting married in September, and I'M FINALLY IN A WEDDING! I'm not just invited, and I'm not the photographer, I'm actually in it. Ahhhh! I'm so excited! So here are some pictures of her first bridal shower by her fiance's family.

Ice Cream


good stuff.

Andrew & Erica

My friends Andrew and Erica are getting married this July. We took a few quick photos on Friday. Too many mosquitos cut our time short, but we did get a great shot to use for their wedding slideshow.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Steve and Mark in Utica

Steve and Mark shot a wedding in Utice last weekend. Pat and Allison are a great couple. I helped with their engagment session. Mark shot the wedding with Steve, camera in one hand, video light in the other. Great job honey!(Mark honey-not Steve)

Feeling Groovy

So we finally broke and bought a computer, and signed up for internet from our home. We bought an iMac. It is the coolest machine ever! It has a video camera in the top of the monitor-so we played. Here is a short video of our "groovy" family!
And oh yeah, Jared is the one with the bump on his head:)