Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Bridal Shower Ever!

OK, so I'm sorry that this post is going to look like a pile of pictures, but oh well! It was so much fun that I had to post this many pictures! How else could I do with the marvelous day we planned for Jess?
When she first got engaged she said, "no pink, and no bows" hmmmmm-our wheels began to turn. Then at the last bridal shower she said "I wish I had gotten at least one piece of lingerie"
Ah-hah! Our plan was set! An entire shower based around pink bows an lingerie! What could be more fun? We had a lingerie guessing game-if she guessed wrong who brought it for her-she had to put it on. Of course she didn't get ANY of them right ;)

Then we blindfolded the guests, had them open a paper bag, and "apply" the contents of the bag to Jess. You know-to make her beautiful for her wedding day.
We laughed until we cried, and well-Joe still thought she was beautiful at the end of the day!Thank you to the pink lady's for all of their help, and thank you Jess for being such a great bride to be! We can't wait till September!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting a little silly

My cousin Mikki was up from Venezuela for most of the month of July. She did a ton of shopping, and visiting all the fam. My mom and I took her to lunch the day before she left, and stopped into the studio to docuent the day. Enjoy Auntie Na-noo!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lane Wedding

MK and I had a wonderful wedding on Saturday for JoEllen and Tyrone. It rained all morning, but the weather broke in time for their outdooor ceremony on the balcony of the Brook Lea Country Club in Rochester. Here's the whole slideshow!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nolan turns 4!

Nolan turned 4 on Sunday!
Wow how the times flies!

Singing Happy Birthday. Aunt Kellie helping Nolan open his birthday cards.
A very Muddy 4 years old.
And two Batman boys.