Monday, September 29, 2008

The Wedding

A few of my favorites image from the day. I had such a great time. Everyone did! We should do this every weekend Jess-is that ok with you? Sharlie, me, Jayme, Sarah, and Jesser.
The Lee girls-
-soon to be the Viscome/Lee girls_
Side pocket baby.
waiting very patiently for the party to start.
Jared didn't want to wait with Nolan, he started to cry when I walked out, so he went with me instead. He did great!
Nolan was such a great ring borrower! He had to visit Nonny and Poppy-but he eventually made it down the aisle. As did Emma, the flower girl. When she got to the end of the aisle, Jared was so angry with her for making a mess on the floor. He shook his finger, and looked down his nose at her-it was so funny!
The siblings

Tiny bride-big men
Mark had the funniest best mans speech ever! He may never live it down.
He had "many firsts with Joe"
we don't want to know about them...

A fairy tale ending to her castle wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner

I've discovered that it is WAY more work to be IN a wedding rather than photographing it. My boys-aren't they handsome with their spikey hair?-myself, and my husband were all in the bridal party for his sister's wedding this past weekend.
The Nolanator!
Jaredzilla- a.k.a. - spiderman
Peek-a-boo, I see you!
Still a loud Lee
Keira and daddy Kevin

An awesome sunset at Vernan Downs Race Track

"Vanilla Ice"
Jared-just one bite will do, then we'll put it back :)

pre wedding

What better to do the day before your wedding than grab a friend (and the dog) and pop bubble wrap! is good :)

Keira, Keira, bo-beira

banana fana fo feira, me my mo meira

Fantastic Four

Sorry about the small pictures folks, there's just so many of them!
I opted out of this tri as well because I can not run-I did SO much running, I should have just entered the triathalon!
Mark cut almost 30 minutes off of his time-he kicked butt!
Jess cut about 15-20 minutes of of hers.
Joe survived, coming in just over 2 hours-a great shwing for his first race.
And Karen kicked some serious tail, coming in under 2 hours for her first race!
Great Job everybody-and you all survived to partake in the upcoming wedding-yeah!