Monday, September 29, 2008

The Wedding

A few of my favorites image from the day. I had such a great time. Everyone did! We should do this every weekend Jess-is that ok with you? Sharlie, me, Jayme, Sarah, and Jesser.
The Lee girls-
-soon to be the Viscome/Lee girls_
Side pocket baby.
waiting very patiently for the party to start.
Jared didn't want to wait with Nolan, he started to cry when I walked out, so he went with me instead. He did great!
Nolan was such a great ring borrower! He had to visit Nonny and Poppy-but he eventually made it down the aisle. As did Emma, the flower girl. When she got to the end of the aisle, Jared was so angry with her for making a mess on the floor. He shook his finger, and looked down his nose at her-it was so funny!
The siblings

Tiny bride-big men
Mark had the funniest best mans speech ever! He may never live it down.
He had "many firsts with Joe"
we don't want to know about them...

A fairy tale ending to her castle wedding.

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