Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini vacation

We are off to Lake Placid tomorrow morning to start our 4 day mini vacation. The boys are super excited to sleep in the mountains. I'm pretty sure we've over packed, and won't use half of the clothes we brought for the kids. Mark, Jess, and Joe are volunteering to help at the Iron Man competition. Mark will be racing in it next year, so volunteering is a great way to see what it's like before you jump in.
There won't be any lap top, which I'm a bit nervous about. But 4 days away will be good for me, right?
I've always got my cell phone, so call if there's an emergency, don't e-mail. I'm pretty certain I'll have about 500 e-mails to go through when I get back. And let's be honest, I'm not looking forward to that.
So wish us lots of fun, and sunshine!
See you on Tuesday!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Stephanie and Johns video

Stephanie and John, Day 2

Stephanie, John, Mark and I all got up at the butt crack of dawn hoping for an amazing, mystical sunrise at Belhurst Castle. Unfortunately the clouds kept the sun to themselves this morning. So, on to plan B. We headed over to White Springs Manor, a part of Belhurst Castle for some different scenery. Then we were off to the warm water inlet in Dresden to get our feet wet! Thanks for being so fantastic and willing to jump in, feet first!

Stephanie and John

Stephanie and John have been dating FOREVER! And her dream was to get married at Belhurst Castle. We started the day with thunderstorms, golf ball sized hail, and pouring rain. And thank to Carmen's rosary beads in the bushes, in true Belhurst style, the rain cleared moments before the ceremony. Stephanie was gorgeous! And John looked pretty great too.

Erin and Ryan

We started the day thinking it was going to be great outside, then the rain came. Fortunately for us there was a break in the weather just in time for some outdoor photos in the grapes at Ventosa. Erin was such a beautiful, elegant bride. She had planned such wonderful colors and details into their wedding day. Congrats you two!