Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Rockin' Eve

Have a safe and Happy New Year!
The Lee FamilyNolan, Mark, Jared & Amanda
New YorkGinny & Scott
New YorkNancy & Kayla
New JerseyAdam, Scott, Kellie & Chad
New YorkCrystal, Keira & Kevin
FloridaJess & Joe
New York/VirginiaAlan, Caleb, Cheryl & Sarah Compton

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

So, Santa came down the chimney last night, we know because Nolan heard him. He ate all of the cookies, and drank all of the milk.
Nolan was up at 7:15 this morning. He climbed into our bed. Mark said "Merry Christmas Nolan. Do you think Santa came last night?"
"Yeah, he came."
"How do you know?"
"I had to go potty last night when it was still dark out. I saw the presents under the tree. He put J's on Jared's, and N's on mine."
He was so matter of fact about it. We fully expected to come downstairs and see all of his presents opened and wrapping paper everywhere! But nope. He just looked, and went back upstairs and went back to sleep, we are so impressed and proud!
It has been, without a doubt, the best Christmas so far. The boys are at the greatest age right now. They were so excited last night, that they raced each other up to bed.
And I was able to pull one over on my husband, I scrimped and scraped, and bought him a new TV. It wasn't until the kids unwrapped it that he knew. He was very surprised, he even pulled one over on me. My engagement ring band snapped in half about 2 months ago, and he told me he was getting the band fixed for me for my Christmas gift. What I didn't know was that he had 2 diamonds added onto it. It was like getting engaged all over again!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Blessing

Rodney L. and Arlene M. Lee
For those of you who know me, know that I am not the most religious person. But I do believe in God, or some wondrous force that drives us in our lives, and Fate.
Mark's grandmother passed away today, surrounded by friends and family. We had all planned to visit her Friday to "tell" her that is was okay to go. Her husband passed away 8 years ago on 9/24. And she started going down hill from that day.
Over the last two weeks or so she was labeled as "Actively dying", meaning her body was slowly shutting down, and forgetting how to do things. She had lost the ability to move in any capacity, and had not spoken in several weeks.
We received a phone call this morning at about 7 am that she only had a few hours left. We rushed around, found someone to watch the boys, and went to the hospital to be with her, and say our goodbyes. 3 of her children were there, her oldest daughter lives in OK, so she spoke to her via a cell phone. They all told her that they loved her, and she was a great mother, and grandmother. They told her that her husband was waiting for her for Christmas, and she should go to him.
I left at about 1:00, to do some holiday cleaning, and cooking, and Mark stayed there with the rest of her children. I called Mark at 4:00 to see how things were going. He told me she had just passed, and he would talk when he arrived home.
He said it was the most amazing, uplifting experience of his life. He said that her breathing had changed from the slow, deep breathes, to a very fast, shallow quick breathing pattern. Her two daughters(Kellie, and Nancy) each were holding a hand. They knew by her breathing that things were changing. They started to again tell her that it was ok to go, they were all crying and letting her know that it was ok. Suddenly Kellie said, "I felt her hand move." Nancy told her to hold on tight to it. Nancy grabbed her other hand tighter as well. They asked "do you see dad?"(Rodney-her husband) - there was no response. Then Nancy said, do you see Jesus? And clear as a bell she said "yes". They were all in awe, they asked again, "Mom, do you see Jesus? Are his arms open" And again, "yes". They said at that moment they all felt a warm calm feeling over all of them, and Nancy said, "Then go to him." And she passed.
Mark says that telling the story of the experience does not do it justice. But the whole family is so happy, and at ease. It's amazing to be part of such a close family.
Mark's dad (her son)says it's the best Christmas present he could have ever received. They all say, they do not feel as though they need to cry. They're just so happy to know where she is, and who she's with.
Mark said to me "I saw Jesus today, and He is great"
I find it so hard to wrap my brain around things in life sometimes. I'm still trying to get a grip on the loss of Sandi, and why she was taken from us so soon. And Mariah's mom, Susan-my second mom growing up. And my friend Terah who passed away from cancer just after her 21st birthday. They were all young, ambitious, vibrant women, and I miss them so much. My heart aches thinking of what they could be today, and the many wonderful things they had accomplished in life. And all of the many more things they could have if they weren't taken at such a youthful age.
I think what I've learned so far is to stay close to all of the great friends I have. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing circle of friends. We are all so different in our lives, yet we would do anything for each other. And often do without ever expecting anything in return.
It sounds cliche', but life is short, and you never know what may happen next.
So, I wish everyone a very safe, and wonderful Holiday. I hope your hearts are full this season, and that you enjoy every second you are with your friends and family. And even though we are scattered across the globe, we're all thinking of each other this time of year.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yeah SNOW! Mark, and Jessie and I took the boys over to the school to go sledding this weekend. What a blast! The hill is just big enough that the boys can make it up most of it on their own. We were there for two and a half hours.
Sledding is one of those childhood loves,that you remember having fun at while you were a kid. But when you actually get to go sledding again, you remember- this is FUN! ~and a lot of work!~
We had a blast, and after our very short 5 minute drive home, we were all ready for a nap!

Frost on a window pane

It's just too beautiful to keep secret.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Kestler Christmas

I was invited to the Kestler house to take some Holiday photos for their Christmas cards this year. They have the most beautiful red headed boys! And a fabulous mantel!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Congratulations Mia and Pat!!!!!!

How exciting! We ALL knew, except for Mariah!
Pat was one of the leads, and Mariah was the stage manager for the play "Every Christmas Story Ever Written, and then some" A production at the Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls by the Seneca Community Players communty theatre group.
Pat had called our friend Carrie to put out the word that he planned to propose at the end of the play tonight.
How perfect!
After the durtain call, they called Mia out to the stage. It was hard to hear very many words over the screaming of the crowd(EVERYONE was there!)
She said yes!
Congratulations-we love you!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kolton and Mason

My sister's little boys came in yesterday to have their holiay photos taken. Here are a few of my favorites from the session. There's still time for sessions if anyone would like holiday photos or holiday cards.