Wednesday, September 3, 2008

End-Day 1

He got on the bus great-getting off-not so good...

The bus stopped, the doors opened. Jared anxiously awaits the arrival of his brother who's been missing for three long hours. But there's no Nolan. Hmmm....

Kellie and Jared creep closer to the bus to investigate the situation. And what do they find?

Nolan! "I'm not getting off the bus here. I'm going to Nonnie's house"

Bus driver-"I don't know where Nonnie lives. You're mommy says you need to get off here"

"I'll show you where she lives!"

That's where the kicking and screaming started- as Kellie picked up my ticked off sack of potatoes and crushed his plans of showing the bus driver where Nonnie lives.

Oh well-there's always tomorrow! (And I'm SURE he'll try again)

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