Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Finally a much needed family vacation! We all took a direct flight to Tampa to visit my husbands family and new baby girl, Keira. The flight was great 2 1/2 hours of smooth blue skies, and no meltdowns from the kids. We landed about 10:30 in the morning and hopped in our rental car.

The ocean was beautiful, and a balmy 90 degrees in the bay, just perfect for little boys to play the morning away, before we were chased out by a pop up thunder storm.
Nolan thought that Florida sun was just too much for his baby blues. Maybe 3 pairs of sunglasses will be enough?

Jared was all smiles at the playground that was "just down the street" - 30 minutes of walking later-we got to the park. We'll drive next time!

So we set off for Lowrey Zoo, a great place for kids. Jared opened the rental car door while we were driving about 80 on the expressway-Note to parents-turn on the child safety locks in the rental cars!
We saw all kinds of animals, they fed the giraffes, and we were dive bombed by birds. All tons of fun until - the incedent-
Here's Jared in the procedure room at Urgent Care after we were told his x-ray showed a fracture in his thumb from falling at the waterpark of the Zoo. When we went to the Ortho here in NY, we were told no worries-it's not broke. Jared has Trigger Finger. Thanks to Poppy's genetics I think. So it's not broken, just permanently "locked" :)

And the most beautiful baby girl ever, Keira. I'm a little partial on this one. She just smiles, and giggles, and she and my boys were quite taken by each other.
The family. Aren't they cute?

More beautiful baby. She's so sweet.
And just before we were leaving, Nolans frog.


All in all a GREAT trip! I wish we could have stayed longer, maybe next time!

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