Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Bridal Shower Ever!

OK, so I'm sorry that this post is going to look like a pile of pictures, but oh well! It was so much fun that I had to post this many pictures! How else could I do with the marvelous day we planned for Jess?
When she first got engaged she said, "no pink, and no bows" hmmmmm-our wheels began to turn. Then at the last bridal shower she said "I wish I had gotten at least one piece of lingerie"
Ah-hah! Our plan was set! An entire shower based around pink bows an lingerie! What could be more fun? We had a lingerie guessing game-if she guessed wrong who brought it for her-she had to put it on. Of course she didn't get ANY of them right ;)

Then we blindfolded the guests, had them open a paper bag, and "apply" the contents of the bag to Jess. You know-to make her beautiful for her wedding day.
We laughed until we cried, and well-Joe still thought she was beautiful at the end of the day!Thank you to the pink lady's for all of their help, and thank you Jess for being such a great bride to be! We can't wait till September!

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