Monday, April 6, 2009

Boston or bust!

First off, getting to Boston at 9:00 pm on Saturday, only to leave Sunday morning at 11:00 am is not long enough to see this wondrous city. And it is wondrous! We arrived at Shauna & Will's apartment ahead of the GPS schedule-yeah! Carrie had made t-shirts for our Bridal Squad, and Shauna had a few choice bars planned out for us. We went to World Pillow Fight Day-what a sight to see! Feathers flying everywhere! We visited Cheers, of course! And Shauna's place of work, The Hotel Commonwealth, had the most AMAZING bathroom! I know-we're easily amused!

As you may notice above-there was all of this random street violence going on right next to Mariah, and it took her a good 10 frames to notice. She could have been killed if it weren't for the invincibility powers of her pink cloak!

We learned a few new things about each other-which we are bound by girl rules to never reveal.

Andy gets hitched this May-Congrats Andy-pie & Tony! It's been a crazy fun ride so far-let's keep it going!

And Carrie's Neon got us there and back safely-but died just outside of Geneva. Thanks to the little Neon for the ride, at least she got one last great road trip in before her demise.


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