Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrea & Tony's Wedding

First off, I have to thank Mark for photographing with me, we always have such a great time together-and the photos are amazing!
And a huge Thank You to Andrea and Tony for being a little daring, getting a little dirty, and trusting us when we said "Let's find a farm for photos."
We were a little worried about the weather forecast, it was calling for some serious rain, and boy did we luck out! The first storm blew right over us, only letting off a very few drops before the ceremony. And just after the ceremony started-it poured outside! We could all hear it hitting the roof of the church. By the end of the "I do's" the sky was clear, and the sun was a shinin' again. The ceremony took place in a small church in Rushville, and then we moved to the farm on Number Nine Rd, then off to a small park in Clifton Springs next to Warfields.
We finished up our day at the wonderful Burgundy Basin.
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Anonymous said...

you to are adorable together congradulations andrea and tony i hope your lifes are so full of happiness and joy as mine and jims are.
love you tony and andrea
ma teresa and papa jim