Friday, November 6, 2009

Love my boys

I bet there are people that don't like hearing about my kids, but today was a great day...

1. Mark went to give me a hug and bent me backwards, I yelled "ouch." Jared's response "Daddy, stop killing mommy!" Obviously he wasn't trying to kill me(that was last night at spinning class) So Mark gave me a huge hug, and Jared says "that's better daddy, love her like that." And hugging ended, when you're 3 year old sounds pornographic, it's over.
2. We played 8 rounds of UNO tonight. Everyone had a chance to win, it was so much fun. We've been waiting for so long to play cards with our boys. Nolan gets really mad when he loses, I wonder where he gets that from?
3. As I'm sitting here blogging, my boys are dancing in the living room to salt-n-peppa "Ah, ooh, push it" LOL They have no idea!

Love them all!

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