Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nolan, the good friend

Nolan and I were chatting after school today that his fried Grant had been out sick with a stomach bug.
He suddenly turned to me, with those big eyes, and that excited light bulb look on his face. "Mom!"
Nolan-"Do you know what happened the other day in the line to get on the bus?"
"No, buddy, what happened?"
And, talking at a HIGH rate of speed, he explained...
"I saw Grant, and he was by himself, all away from everybody else, and he was all sad."
"Why was he sad?" I asked.
"Well, Aidan, in his class, he was not very nice to Grant. I asked Grant what was wrong, and he told me that Aidan said that he was the dumbest boy. And Grant's not dumb. And that made Grant sad. So you know what I did mom?"
"No Nolan, what did you do?"
"I said, come with me Grant, I'm your friend."
"Wow, Nolan that was very nice of you. You're a great friend."
"I know mom, I take care of my friends."

Sometimes they just make you proud.

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